Whirlybird Ember Guard

Whirlybird with Ember GuardEmbers are a major cause of home loss during a bushfire, being properly prepared which includes installing a Whirlybird Ember Guard, will improve the chances of your home surviving a bushfire.

If you have a whirlybird, or similar type of roof vent on your home and live close to a bushland area, then you need a Whirlybird Ember Guard!

We are an Australian owned family company and our Whirlybird Ember Guard is a registered design that conforms to the Australian Standards AS 3959.

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What is the Whirlybird Ember Guard?

The Whirlybird Ember Guard is a woven mesh guard that is designed to be placed inside your whirlybird roof vent, the guard stops bushfire embers from entering your roof via the vent.Ember Guard

We provide guards for the three standard vent sizes. If you are unsure which guard size you need, simply measure the inside of your roof vent.  The vast majority of domestic roof vents are either 350mm, 300mm or 250mm.

Installation is quick and easy, it only involves placing the guard inside your whirlybird roof vent. Please see our instruction page for the simple steps.

Our ember guards conform to the Australian Standards AS 3959 recommendations for ember guard mesh. The Australian Standards AS 3959 document is the standard for the construction of homes in bushfire prone areas.

Each Whirlybird Ember Guard is made using corrosive resistant 304 stainless steel, this gives you the confidence that the guard will last for many years. It should outlive your whirlybird!

You don’t need to worry about the Whirlybird Ember Guard changing any external appearances of your whirlybird vent, as the Whirlybird Ember Guard is hidden inside the whirlybird and cannot be seen from the outside.

Do you have any questions regarding the Whirlybird Ember Guard? If you do, please visit out Frequently Asked Questions page, the page consists of answers to almost any question you might have. If the answer to your question is not there, then please feel free to contact us via our contact page.